Switzerland: Online Casino Does Not Pay Out Winnings

It sounds like a late April joke: A Swiss player has cleared a whopping 15,000 francs in an online casino. But when it wanted to proceed to the disbursement, the operator places itself crosswise. With partially questionable methods.

Immer new delay

Ezahlt had the man in the Casino an amount of approximately 2,000 Francs. According to statement of the Swiss media it did not run at first with it successfully, sometime the lever changed however and it won suddenly much. Arrived at approximately 15,000 francs the man wanted to disburse – and the anger took its run.

First official papers should be conveyed, but those could not open the Casino. A fax is likewise not possible, since the enterprise allegedly no fax machine would possess. Meanwhile the man let it be good and deleted simply its player account. However it wants to warn other players, because still it seems to give on the well regulated market actually or other black sheep. Caution and intensive checks of the casino are thus announced.